June 19, 2005

Midnight & Pepper

Sunday 19th June 2005

Midnight and Pepper have come for some playtime whilst their owners show the palatial estate for sale.

What a relief to be able to show your home without to ramifications of spaniels trying to meet and greet those trying to see the house for sale!

Yup, its tough on the owners but much tougher on the dogs as they have no comprehension as to why so many human folk are walking through their door.

Are they supposed to greet or protect?

It is also very difficult to point out the finer features of the house and compete with the loud barking of confused kids.

Diane and John are lucky, they can just check the kids in for short time periods and not worry about their babies.

So if you are thinking of an open house what are you going to do with your fur babies?

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  1. This is Diane (Pepper and Midnight's Mom); we sold our house on Sunday while Lesley was watching the babies. Yahoo!!!! Yea!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, LESLEY for everything--you are the best, you are always there for the babies and for us when we need you. Anyone looking for help with their furry babies, I cannot give Lesley enough praise. She's the best--she speaks their language--my babies love Lesley. Lesley also walks our babies everyday while we work. Recently, my brother came to stay with us while undergoing cancer treatments. Lesley befriended him and his dog, Margee. Margee had heartworm in advanced stages. Lesley took Margee into her home (since we already have two territorial babies) and brought Margee to visit my brother and allowed my brother to visit Margee in her home until (due to her advanced condition), my brother had to let Margee go be with the angels. Lesley you are without a doubt the best--you are an angel. We love you--all of us. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to a long relationship--you've become a dear friend.