October 06, 2008

Bow Wow! Has it been that long?

Spending way too much time playing frisbee with the dogs, that I forgot all about this blogspot.

We have grown, moved and have a wonderful crew of caregivers ready and willing to care for our wonderful guests.

Chloe and Rufus have been visiting this week and are impressed with the new romping grounds. There are many pesky squirrels to chase and an occasional rabbit to scare away!

Chloe demands love an attention from all humans that walk through the front door. As she is such a lovable hound she gets many a belly rub.

Rufus is the aloof hound. This wonderful scruffy fur baby likes to spend all his time outside. His coat is made for these crisp days. He gives a quite confident knowing look but still loves to have his ears scratched, that is when it suits him of course!

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