May 05, 2009

It's Miller time!

The loveable Miller has been looking out the window at the rain. He so wants to go rushing around outside to get those pesky rabbits and squirrels!

He has managed to keep himself very busy inspecting all waste paper baskets, trash cans and the basket that holds the leashes is another favorite. When he is not on basket duty he likes to hang out in my office or chase Thumper from room to room.

This little rascal has not missed a beat when it comes to breakfast and dinner. Within one minute he can inhale his bowl of food, and then turn around with those puppy eyes wanting some more food. Thank goodness his Mum measured his meals and I know exactly what amount of food this chow hound should be getting.

He has been an entertaining guest and we enjoy his puppy ways.

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  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    You mentioned that Miller likes to eat his food quickly. Can this be a problem? Why do some dogs eat quicker than others? Why do some dogs want other dogs food instead of their own? Can a dog over eat? I know lots of questions but you sparked them when I was reading.