February 06, 2010

How to survive the blizzard of 2010!

We have a received more than a huge dollop of snow! Now the reality of the situation is beginning to creep in and survival mode is upon us. We are so very blessed!
We have...







Chores, chores and more chores!

So far a total of eighteen inches of snow!!!! It is still coming down and a possibility of additional four to ten inches more! But wait - we might not be able to get out till Tuesday and then if we can another six inches has been predicted. GROAN!

Between movie watching, trying to find a pee and poop station for Thumper and Henry, shoveling and chores I will update you all through the blog.

Please feel free to post your nice comments and words of encouragement as we do feel shut off from the normal every day world.

Henry is sad. 
No chasing the squirrels,
no running with Thumper
and no fun walks!

Thumper is sad too!  Both have become resigned to the fact that they will become one with the furniture!

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  1. Awwwwwe. Poor kids!! That is quite a snow pic up there! I did not realize you had gotten that much!