April 03, 2010

Princess Belle

Sweet and fluffy Belle is a regular here at The Pawkeepers. Belle is a real princess, loving attention from her caregivers and being the center of attention, which isn't hard with her fluffy white coat and cute little eyes that make you want to just hold and cuddle her. Mission acoomplished for Belle.

Belle is a Bichon Frise, a favorite of Italian royalty in the 1300s. No wonder she fanicies herself to be a princess. But a wonderful princess she does make. spending her time lounging on couches and gaining the love of all around her, she is a wonderful member of the Pawkeeper's family.

Bichon can be hard to train, but trained well, and they make excellent performers. Used widely in circus and fairs, they make good dancers. Or, well, interesting ones at least.

1 comment:

  1. fluffy is really looking very beautiful,cute,nice.her eyes are looking very nice.to see her i want to hold her in my arms.fluffy is really so much pretty.....................fluffy is just looking like a puff ball.