April 10, 2010

Where For Art Thou Romeo?

Our little resident romantic, Romeo, is a usual face around the Pawkeepers. His swishy tail and sly grin are hard to miss on our furry friend.

Romeo is a Papillion, an elegant dog breed which were common favorites of royalty, and first seen in paintings of these royals. One of the most famous owners of these gorgeous dogs would be Marie Antoinette, a prominent figure in French history. Well, I guess this explains why he holds himself in high regards. He’s not afraid to strut his stuff, especially for the ladies. But especially Belle. She is his Juliet.

We’ll be seeing lots more of Romeo in the future here at The Pawkeepers, and us and our caregivers will be delighted to have our romantic back once again.


  1. Hi Lesley...I just love your website...cant wait to come to Pawkeepers to visit and meet you and your gang!!! Biscuit and Baci would love to romp with your 'puppy pals'! xo

  2. Great video Lesley, very sweet.

  3. Hey, what we have here? All these puppies, thanks. I love dogs so much, sometimes even more than people. I've breed many dogs in my life. The was Puddle and is my favorite, second was Dobe, than a Rottweiler, Retriever, Yorkshire terrier and more. Now I have two German sheep dogs, lovely animals.
    Well, I am not going to write a poem, just wanted to say thanks for this place.

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  5. Very handsome Romeo. I like the pic where he has his hears perked up. My dog is a mutt but is said to have Papillion in here. Has similar face and fur. I like the name Romeo for a dog...it's classy. Great pics.

  6. Aww cute! I feel like Keeshonds (my boys) are so closely related to Papillons.