October 14, 2010

It is so good to laugh at yourself!

It is amazing!  I can do a hundred and one things that I really dislike doing other than blog lol! 

House cleaning, filing, bill paying and poop picking up, all suddenly become so much more important than blogging.  I laugh at myself as I now know how to motivate me!

One of the stumbling blocks in my mind is that I tell myself I am a talker not a writer.  Guess what I have told myself this enough times and I believed it! Yup, I can talk the hind leg off a dog, prattle on about anything for hours but stick me in front of a keyboard and say, "BLOG!" The fingers get stiff, the brain gets fluffy and suddenly I feel the burning desire to get out the vacuum cleaner.

So you my wonderful readers are going to have to read drivel until I get it right. Be kind and gentle with your comments please.  Like training a young puppy, do it over and over with love and kindness and lots of praise when a task has been done well.

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